Top Hair Transplant Surgeons in North America

Best hair transplant north america

There is a wide range of players in the hair transplant industry, from shady “backyard” operators to fully qualified, highly trained professionals with decades of experience. The market for hair transplants is notoriously cut-throat, and its participants include the complete spectrum of companies. Every one of the above medical professionals is a member of respectable industry associations, which toil away day and night to advance the industry’s commitment to honesty and transparency about hair loss treatments.

Dr. Scott Alexander, Iahrs Member – Hair Transplant

The microsurgical, technically sophisticated, and aesthetic hair repairs offered by Dr. Alexander of Biltmore Surgical Hair Restoration are available to both men and women. While extracting the donor tissue, he is one of only a select few reconstructive surgeons who employ sterile procedures and wears sterile drapes, gowns, and gloves.

Dr. Alexander has focused his whole professional life on investigating and treating hair loss. I’m proud to work inside his clinic because he is among the most compassionate and skilled medical professionals in the industry and the most illustrious members of the IAHRS.

Dr Munib Ahmad, Iahrs Member – Hair Transplant

Dr. Munib Ahmad’s work at his clinic, Fuegenix, is remarkable. Dr. Ahmad constantly delivers exceptional outcomes to his clients while at the same time giving all of his clients the highest degree of attention and care that is demanded of an IAHRS-recognized member.

Every patient that Dr. Ahmad cares for benefits from his undivided attention and an extraordinary level of hands-on participation throughout the treatment, which allows him to achieve excellent outcomes. He is responsible for all aspects of the treatment, including punching, extracting, inspecting the sorted grafts, preparing sites, and putting the grafts. All of these steps are performed by him.

Even though his name is still relatively new in this industry, he has been exclusively practicing hair transplantation for several years. A physician who comes highly recommended.

Anderson Center For Hair, Iahrs Members – Hair Transplant

hair transplant

Since 2003, Dr. Anderson of the Anderson Center for Hair has devoted his professional life to treating male and female pattern baldness. Dr. Anderson was the first surgeon ever to have the technique of FUE published in any medical journal anywhere around the globe. Using disposable biopsy punches measuring 1 millimeter in diameter, he implanted 1,901 follicles in 2004.

Dr. Anderson has received numerous accolades for his work and has completed postgraduate studies in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. The Anderson Center was the first establishment in Georgia to provide patients with access to the ARTAS Robotic Hair Restoration system. This method removes individual follicles using a tiny punch, eliminating the requirement for scalpels and stitches.

It indicates how highly esteemed Dr. Anderson is in the industry that one out of every 20 patients are a medical professional. Dr. Anderson is dedicated to the advancement of medical education. As part of this mission, he established the American Academy of Hair Restoration Surgery to offer training in surgical procedures to other doctors interested in entering his field. Dr. Anderson is also a foundational faculty member of the International Hair Loss Summit.

Because he pays such tremendous attention to detail, he is highly respected by all his patients. He served as the Chief of Surgery at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta before beginning his career at the Anderson Center for Hair. Both the level of care he gives his patients and the profound skill he brings to every hair transplant treatment he carries out have earned him a well-deserved reputation for excellence.

Dr. Alan Bauman, Iahrs Member 

Bauman Medical, located in Florida and known worldwide, is home to Dr. Bauman, who is accomplishing incredible things there. The clinic was established in 1997, and its services include everything from eyelash implantation to artistic FUE transplant surgery. In addition, the clinic provides a wealth of bespoke medical hair loss treatments.

Even though he has personally treated over 33,000 patients and has performed over 10,000 hair restoration surgeries, his nearly 12,000-square-foot standalone clinic is known in the industry as “The Hair Hospital.” As a whole-time hair restoration surgeon, he diligently and enthusiastically works to enhance his results and the patient experience.

Dr. Bauman is highly proud of his artistic results and that he can provide the most recent techniques using the most technically sophisticated equipment on the market. Aesthetic everything has consistently ranked him as the best in the industry, and Forbes has just recently named him one of the “10 CEOs Transforming Healthcare in America.”

Dr. Özlem Biçer, Associate Iahrs Member

For over twenty years, Dr. Ozlem Bicer has been dedicated to being an industry leader in the surgical treatment of hair loss. Her experience comes from working in hospitals, private practices specializing in hair loss, and cosmetic clinics.

Dr. Bicer founded her first authorized clinic in Turkey in 2004, and the Turkish Ministry of Health gave them complete clearance and accreditation at the time of the clinic’s opening. Since that time, she and her staff of highly trained and skilled surgeons have responded to clients’ needs and provided them with outcomes that have fundamentally altered their experiences with hair loss.

Today, the clinic run by Dr. Bicer performs hair transplant procedures such as FUT and FUE at an average rate of around one hair restoration per day. Patients can rely on technical prowess, sincere empathy, and stringent adherence to medical legislation when receiving treatment. Dr. Bicer is renowned in hair transplantation worldwide due to her extraordinary knowledge. Her commitment to her patients’ happiness and the fact that she has educated many aspiring surgeons who are now following in her illustrious footsteps.

Cost of Hair Transplant in The North America

The cost of a hair transplant can range from $4,000 to $15,000, with the average cost falling in the middle of that spectrum. The amount of hair that needs to be moved will significantly impact the final cost. Most insurance policies don’t cover it.


When it concerns hair transplant operations, the United States of America is at the top of the field. You may rest assured that you will have a successful hair transplant because of the cutting-edge technology, highly qualified doctors, and extensive range of available procedures.

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