Westminster Medical Group

Westminster Medical Group

Westminster Medical Group, situated on the renowned Harley Street in London, stands as a leading clinic specializing in FUE hair transplants. This surgical procedure involves relocating genetically robust follicles from a donor area to the region on your scalp affected by hair thinning. FUE employs an advanced technique where individual hair grafts are delicately extracted from the donor area using a 0.8mm trumpet punch. The procedure, performed under local anesthesia, takes place at the state-of-the-art facility on Harley Street.

Restoring Hair with FUE: A Transplantation Process

The clinic meticulously selects some resilient hairs from the back of the head, known to withstand genetic factors, and transplants them to the area experiencing hair loss. Prior to the hair extraction process, the clinic shaves the hair at the sides and back, but if desired, the hair on top can be left longer for the FUE transplant. For those preferring to maintain significantly longer hair, the clinic offers Unshaven FUE (UFUE). Similar to the FUT technique, the extracted follicles are carefully dissected and then re-implanted into the recipient’s scaly tissue after being immersed in a holding fluid.

Unparalleled Care and Expertise

At Westminster Medical Group, they prioritize the courteous and respectful treatment of every patient. Its team of hair restoration specialists and medical staff possesses extensive experience, having performed over 10,000 hair transplants throughout their careers. During the initial consultation, patients receive a comprehensive evaluation by a hair transplant doctor. The clinic has established an exceptional reputation for achieving excellent results and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Pioneers in Hair Transplant Techniques

In 2003, Westminster Medical Group introduced the FUT and FUE Trichophytic hair transplant techniques to the United Kingdom following the ISHRS conference. The specialists and hair restoration doctors have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience through years of partnership. Located at the flagship in central London, they offer surgical experience with brow, hair, and beard transplants, as well as innovative treatments for hair loss without surgery like Scalp Micro Pigmentation. The esteemed doctors hold individual participation in prestigious organizations such as the ISHRS, BAHRS, WFI, and Trichological Society. Furthermore, all the doctors complete registration with  GMC.

Personalized Consultations with Hair Restoration Experts

To ensure a personalized experience, they provide free 30-minute individual consultation with any of the hair regeneration doctors. Unlike commissioned sales representatives, patients have the opportunity to meet with a GMC-registered hair regeneration specialist. These professionals possess the necessary expertise to advise you on the most suitable course of action for your specific hair loss situation.

Embark on Your Hair Transplant Journey

Rest assured, there is no requirement or compulsion to book. a procedure. The experienced specialists offer objective advice tailored to your unique circumstances. After conducting thorough research, the decision to carry out the treatment strategy rests entirely in your hands. It typically takes 6 to 12 months to observe the results of the FUE hair surgery at the clinic. Over the following 18 months, your hair will continue to mature, allowing you to fully appreciate the outcome of the hair transplant.