Top 5 best hair transplant clinics & surgeons in India

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It is never pleasant to experience hair loss, and while the majority of men may believe that this is not something that could ever happen to them, the reality is that hair loss may affect everyone. It’s common for people to lose anywhere from 60 to 100 strands of hair per day, so don’t worry about it. The moment, however, that the quantity of strands surpasses and even exceeds this limit, there is trouble in paradise, and this is the point at which hair loss begins. On the other hand, because of the progress that has been made in modern science, it is now possible to achieve a full head of hair in a relatively straightforward manner. This is possible through the process of getting a hair transplant!

What is Hair Transplant in Men?

In recent years, there has been a discernible increase in the level of interest shown in hair transplant procedures. This is because more and more people are becoming aware that a hair transplant is not an exceedingly difficult surgery, nor is it an extremely costly one. Both of these factors have contributed to the rise in popularity of the procedure. In addition, if the procedure is carried out perfectly, the transplant may provide you with results that give the impression of being completely natural, and it may also provide you with results that are permanent. A hair transplant, in its most fundamental sense, is a process in which hair is removed from the scalp or any other area of the body and then transplanted into those parts of the body where hair loss has taken place. The hair can be taken from anywhere on the body. The bald spots are eventually covered up, and within a short length of time, the donor site also begins to grow back hair. This results in the appearance of a head that is both healthy and ‘hairy’! The following are some of the conditions that must be met before a transplant procedure on a man can be considered successful:

  • Pattern baldness that hasn’t improved despite taking medication on a regular basis
  • Scarring alopecia that has remained consistent for at least a year
  • Alopecia as a result of a traumatic event, a burn, or surgery
  • Alopecia areata due to pulling on the hair
  • The reconstruction of eyelashes and eyebrows

Top 5 best hair transplant clinics & surgeons in India

  1. MedLinks


MedLinks Hair Transplants has been recognized as the top hair transplant facility in Delhi NCR on several occasions. Based in Delhi and Gurgaon, their team of world-renowned specialists is well-known for performing the best hair transplants in India. They are skilled in a variety of treatments, including FUE and FUT hair transplants, and are committed to providing their clients with the best possible outcomes. PERFECT-i hair transplant pioneer Dr. Gaurang Krishna is also the co-founder of MedLinks Hair Transplants. They strive to provide their patients with the best results possible as an Indian hair transplant facility and as a result, their work seems as natural as possible.

The clinic has a state-of-the-art operating room equipped with the latest high-tech equipment, including cool LED lighting, stereo microscopes, an electrically adjustable operating table, and high definition cameras. MedLinks has a specialized floor for the best-in-class Hair Transplant in Delhi and a bright recovery space for their patients and their families to unwind. There are several reasons why Medlinks invests in cutting-edge medical technology, but one of the most important is to ensure that their patients have a pleasant experience while receiving treatment.

  1. DHI India

dhi india

DHI India is a global leader in hair restoration; its award-winning hair restoration technology, known as DHITM (Direct Hair Implantation), has won numerous accolades. Some of their technologies has been widely praised. This technique does not include any cutting, suturing, or scarring of any kind. It is completely non-invasive and non-painful. Direct hair transplantation involves transplanting individual hair follicles from the back of the scalp (the donor site) to a region of the scalp that is balding (the recipient site). High levels of efficacy, dependability, and safety make this a process with long-lasting results. Many patients have regained their self-confidence since the company’s inception in 2002, thanks to the DHI hair restoration method.

Their services include Direct Hair Implantation (DHI), Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), Eyebrow Restoration, Beard Hair Transplant/Restoration, and Direct Hair Fusion (DHF). DHI India performs every surgery after a thorough examination of the patient’s scalp condition. It is the doctors, not the nurses or assistants that perform all of the hair transplant procedures in this facility. Prior to making treatment recommendations, their skilled physicians pay great attention to the small details and fully explore the underlying causes of their patients’ baldness. So it’s easy to see why DHI India has become one of the most well-known and highly recommended hair transplant clinics in Delhi. Their state-of-the-art facility in Delhi, India allows them to provide extremely reliable hair restoration treatments, allowing patients to achieve a natural hair look with the smallest amount of pain and expenditure.

  1. Amrendra Kumar

derma clinix

Dr. Amrendra Kumar has successfully performed hair transplants on thousands of patients, particularly using the FUE technique, which has helped him gain a reliable and trustworthy reputation in the medical community. Dr. Amrendra Kumar, MD (AIIMS), earned his medical degree in dermatology from the reputed All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in Delhi. His alma mater is the acronym for “All India Institute of Medical Sciences.” After completing his postgraduate studies, he sought employment at the esteemed Post Graduate Institute for Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), which is located in Chandigarh. In addition, he has a wealth of expertise and experience in the treatment of skin conditions and hair loss thanks to his time spent at Safdarjung Hospital, which is the largest hospital in Delhi. Dr. Amrendra Kumar, MD (AIIMS), who is one of the co-founders of DermaClinix, has a particular interest in ensuring that as many grafts as possible survive the hair transplantation procedure, which would result in an increase in density while using the fewest possible grafts. Because of this, not only does he have a high extraction rate, but he also has a very low transection rate. In addition to possessing extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in FUE, he is well-known for being one of the pioneers who introduced the use of PRP therapy in the treatment of hair loss and hair transplantation. More than 6000 procedures for hair restoration have been successfully carried out all over the world by him and he has also done the same thing for a great number of well-known celebrities.

  1. DermaClinix

derma clinix

DermaClinix is one of the best skin and hair solution clinics in New Delhi, India, catering to customers from all over the world, including celebrities, politicians, and other high-profile individuals. They have trained dermatologists from some of India’s most famous medical schools, including AIIMS (Delhi), Safdarjung Hospital (New Delhi) and PGIMER (Chandigarh). They have a team of medically-trained consultants, laser operators, OT technicians and other employees who are always one step ahead of the competition in providing exclusive services.

They are proud to offer a wide range of skin and hair treatments to their patients for many years now, using the most up-to-date methods and technology. Because they care so much about their patients, they go above and beyond to provide them with the greatest possible care and treatment. Both the treatments and the information that they provide to their patients are lauded as a result. Doctors Kamish Chouhan and Amrendra Kumar, two of Delhi’s leading hair and skin specialists, run DermaClinix. Over the course of their career, they’ve treated more than a thousand people with tremendous skill and success. They are without a doubt one of New Delhi’s finest dermatologic surgeons.

  1. Dutt hair transplant center

dr dutt

The Dr. Dutt hair transplant clinic in Delhi is a facility that is dedicated to the practice of hair transplantation as well as facial cosmetic surgery. They are part of the Dr. Dutt Hospitals organization, which has been in business since the year 1982. In Delhi, Dr. Manas Dutt is a highly competent surgeon who is also certified to perform hair transplants. He became known on a global scale as a result of the outstanding outcomes he achieved for his patients, who included famous people, influential politicians, and successful businesspeople. He is one of the very few surgeons in Delhi who is able to guarantee the outcomes of the transplant for each individual patient. In a single treatment, Dr. Dutt and his team are able to transplant more than 5,000 grafts, each of which can contain between one and three hairs. Dr. Dutt is the only one responsible for ensuring that the surgery is carried out successfully from the moment it begins till it comes to a conclusion (helped by assistants). Dr. Dut promises that the procedure won’t be painful. During the procedure, their anesthesiologist will provide assistance to those patients who would rather be asleep (by administering local anesthesia).

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