Top 5 best hair transplant clinics & surgeons in Antalya

There are a variety of factors that may contribute to hair loss, including genetic predispositions, dietary patterns, vitamin deficiencies, and even air quality. After a certain age, the majority of men, particularly in countries located in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, begin to suffer from the problem of hair loss. The variables that contribute to hair loss are taken into consideration while selecting a treatment procedure. One of the most popular and effective treatments for baldness and hair loss nowadays is hair transplantation, also known as a hair restoration procedure. Although it is more popular among men in general, it is also preferred by women who experience this condition. Because of its immense popularity, many people are curious about hair transplantation and its associated procedures, as well as what they should do before and after getting their hair transplanted. Given that hair transplantation is mostly performed for cosmetic reasons, the procedure must to be treated very carefully. The steps that need to be taken both before and after a hair transplant should be carefully considered, and they should be carried out in a sterile environment.

What are the advantages of Hair Transplantation?

When asked what the benefits of receiving a hair transplant were, the majority of those who have received one will react by claiming that it helped them regain their lost confidence. However, the reality is that there are a variety of other advantages, including the following:

  • You can be confident that your hair will appear natural if you have a good hair transplant.
  • The hair that is transplanted into your scalp will be permanent, and you will no longer have to suffer with bald spots.
  • They will no longer be need to worry about dealing with bald areas.
  • Because the procedures for hair transplantation that are available today are so much more advanced than in the past, you won’t have to be scared about engaging in any activity after getting a transplant.
  • Once the hair has reached a certain length, you will have greater control over how it appears, allowing you to style it anyway you see fit in terms of how you cut it and how you cut it for styling.

Best hair transplant clinics & surgeons in Antalya



Prior to coming to Turkey, Dr. Erhan Aydogan practiced plastic surgery in Germany for more than 20 years. He is well-versed in the Sapphire Slit and DHI Implanter Pen procedures of hair transplantation. Dr. Aydogan is proficient in German and English and has attended numerous aesthetic surgery workshops and conferences. He treats each patient as an individual and takes considerable satisfaction in his work. There is a team of experts who have years of experience at their disposal to ensure that all operations are carried out correctly. Every step of the procedure is overseen by Dr. Erhan Aydogan. In Antalya, Turkey, PROFUE have a staff that specializes in offering high-quality service to patients from all over the world. They can achieve remarkable results in just one day, thanks to a skilled surgeon and a cutting-edge insertion technology. To reduce the danger of infection, hair transplant treatments are performed in a sterile environment. In accordance with new laws, they meet all national standards and have emergency facilities on hand. A certified team works in the clinic, which is regularly inspected by health inspectors. Surgeons and all other staff at their facility give complete attention to every patient. They help their customers in any way they can, from arranging the vacation to providing follow-up care.

  1. SE Hair Clinic

se hair clinic

The SE Hair Clinic is found in Antalya, a city on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey that is famous all over the world. In their state-of-the-art private clinic, Dr. Seda Erdoan perform all procedures associated with hair transplantation. Dr. Seda Erdoan serves as the team leader for the surgical staff of SE Hair Clinic. Dr. Seda Erdoan plans the hair transplant procedure with extreme caution and attention to detail, analyzes the patient’s blood tests, and performs a dermatological examination of the patient’s scalp. Dr. Seda Erdoan attended the Gazi University Faculty of Medicine from 2003-2009 and then attended the Necmettin Erbakan University Meram Medical Faculty from 2009-2013 to complete her dermatology residency training in the treatment of skin and venereal disorders. She has a great deal of knowledge and specializes in treating hair loss through a variety of methods, including laser treatments, hair transplants, and others. Due to the fact that she has chosen to concentrate her professional efforts on the field of hair transplantation and that she has done so for the entirety of her career, she has kept a close eye on the quickly evolving practices, procedures, and advances related to hair transplantation. The cornerstone of her success has been the worldwide training that she received in cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation from some of the most accomplished cosmetic surgeons in the world. Successful and natural hair transplantation outcomes can be achieved with the help of Dr. Erdoan and her experienced surgical team. The international guest relation staff at the clinic maintains constant communication with each and every patient who comes to the clinic, thereby ensuring the best possible level of care. They execute hair transplantation utilizing techniques that are at the cutting edge of the industry in order to meet and exceed your expectations and provide you with the highest level of pleasure possible. Their goal is to treat each patient as if they were a member of their own family, to make them feel at ease in their own surroundings, and to ensure their wellbeing.

  1. Okan TANIN Hair Clinic Antalya

dr okan tanin

Okan TANIN Hair Clinic Antalya is a hair transplant center that performs hair, beard, mustache, and eyebrow transplants in a hospital setting and under the supervision of a doctor. The center is staffed by experienced doctors and hair transplant specialists who have a great deal of combined experience in the field. Dr. Okan received his degree in 2010 at the Erciyes University’s Faculty of Medicine. He is presently employed as a hair transplant doctor at the Dr. Okan TANIN Antalya Hair Transplant Clinic. The professionals there have a combined 10 years of experience, and their primary priorities are the patients’ health, safety, and appearance. Due to the fact that hair transplantation requires a specific environment, all of their procedures are performed in a sterile environment within clinics that are outfitted with the most cutting-edge equipment and technologies and employ the most qualified specialists in the field of hair transplantation. Antalya Hair Transplant places a high priority on ensuring the complete happiness and comfort of each patient. For the convenience of their patients who are traveling from outside of Turkey, they arrange free transportation and patient accompaniment in VIP vehicles, lodging in one of the most prestigious hotels in Turkey, and a personal interpreter to accompany the patient throughout the entirety of the procedure.

  1. SALUSS Medical Group


The SALUSS Medical Group offers you the very best opportunities for enhancing patient’s life, patient’s appearance, and patient’s sense of fulfillment. In accordance with its stated mission, SALUSS was established in order to facilitate the recovery process of patients by delivering high-caliber medical care and outstanding hospitality. Their hope is that their guests would experience a substantially safer environment, be able to make well-informed decisions, and save a large amount of money on their medical trip. They provide international services with a combined 10 years of experience in the medical and tourism industries.

They had more than 5000 patients coming from over 40 different nations across five different continents. SALUSS is the industry’s preeminent medical tourism agency, delivering both inbound and outbound medical and tourism services of the highest possible caliber. SALUSS is largely responsible for arranging medical treatments at clinics in Antalya, which is located in the southwestern region of Turkey and is known for its combination of sea, sun, and sand with health. Antalya plays host to around 15 million tourists from a variety of nations each year. Antalya has emerged as a leading location in recent years for patients seeking treatment outside of their home country.

They make use of cutting-edge technology and procedures. They have been granted accreditation and certification from both domestic and international organizations. SALUSS Medical Group is a highly competent organization that provides a comprehensive range of services and provides solutions that are both creative and inventive. They portfolio includes globally approved facilities that are up to date with technological advancements. Patients can have complete faith that the roster of internationally renowned surgeons that they have in their portfolio will come up with a solution for them.

  1. Meltem Şentürk – DK Klinik

dk klinik

In 1994, Dr. Meltem entürk graduated from medical school, and she completed her dermatology residency in 2000. Her training in advanced dermatological procedures, dermatology-cosmetology, and the use of lasers in dermatology was carried out at the University of Fries in Belgium in 1998 while she was a resident there. She was able to successfully pass the examinations in 1999 and obtain the “Certificate of Dermato-Cosmetic Sciences,” which entitles her to work anywhere in Europe, as a consequence of the outcomes of the fundamental and advanced courses in “dermato-cosmetic sciences” that she took in Brussels. Dr. Meltem entürk began her career in medicine in 2000 when she began working at the Antalya State Hospital. She remained there until 2009, when she withdrew from the public sector owing to the enormous amount of work she had to do and instead focused solely on her private practice.

Meltem Entürk established the private DK Klinik clinic in Antalya in 2002, and it has since become one of the most well-known dermatological and cosmetology facilities in the city. DK Klinik, which began its operations almost 20 years ago, currently treats hundreds of patients from all over the world each year. The majority of these patients come for hair transplants and aesthetic procedures. It is one of the first clinics in Antalya to gain accreditation in the field of health tourism, making it one of the pioneers in the industry. Dr. Meltem Entürk is a member of a number of different national and international associations, some of which are the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV), the International Society for Reconstructive Surgery (ISHRS), the European Society of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatologists (ESCAD), the International Society for Dermatological Surgery (ISDS), and the Turkish Dermatological Association (TURKDERM)

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