Top Hair Transplant Surgeons in Asia

Hair transplants are one potential treatment for thinning hair. Because there is no way to erase the effects of a hair transplant, the outcomes are regarded as permanent. Some of Asia’s most renowned hair transplant surgeons and clinics are the following list.


Regarding the FUE and FUT techniques of hair transplant, NU/HART is widely regarded as one of the foremost authorities in Asia and the Philippines. Both the strip harvesting technique for (FUT) and our cutting-edge FUE technique produce excellent outcomes. Nu/Hart offers clients exquisite service and the highest quality care, produces the ultimate and natural results possible, and lives up to clients’ expectations.

The mission of Nu/Hart is to serve the customers with the highest level of service and professional care in the world, to achieve the most natural-looking outcomes possible, to live up to their customer’s expectations, and to do all of this at an affordable price. Nu/Hart is the industry pioneer when it comes to hair restoration.

More than 30,000 different hair restoration treatments have been carried out so far. It would be best if you chose Nu/Hart for the hair restoration surgery for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Nu/Hart has been in business for more than 25 years, making them an industry veteran.
  • Customers from over 40 nations have reaped the benefits of working with Nu/Hart.
  • The medical staff includes sixteen seasoned doctors who have decided to concentrate on hair transplantation as their area of clinical expertise.
  • The compassionate staff members stationed at each centre provide high-quality services and client care.
  • Consultations are constantly provided at no cost, are kept strictly confidential, and come with no strings attached.
  • An in-office operation is guaranteed to go swimmingly, with minimal discomfort, by a team of licensed nurses and surgical professionals who are very well-trained.
  • The procedures are reliably technologically advanced, risk-free, everlasting, and reasonably priced.

In addition to the more conventional Strip Method approach, Nu/Hart also provides a unique innovation in Follicular Unit Extraction called NeoGrafting. This is a method of hair transplantation in which there are no linear incisions, no stitches, and no linear scars.

Nu/Hart possesses a patent for follicular replication and is unwaveringly dedicated to studying and developing to provide our customers with the most advanced hair transplant options possible. Nu/Hart continually researches additional solutions for regrowing hair, including laser hair treatment, topical therapies, new surgical equipment, and the most recent procedures.

RVB Hair Transplant Clinic

Dr Bato directs the RVB clinic and has over 25 years of expertise as a specialist. The RVB Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Care Center is located in Las Pinas, in the metropolitan area of Manila. They are among the most reputable clinics in the region, having opened their doors in 1998, and they are dedicated to providing exceptional quality treatments in all aspects of skincare rejuvenation. The RVB Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Care Center employs a wide variety of specialists across various areas on its clinic staff.


The Philippine Center for Hair Restoration Surgery, more often known as Hairmaxx, is a specialized hair restoration clinic that debuted in 2009 in the capital city of Manila in the Philippines. Hairmaxx has a staff of six medical specialists on staff, all of whom have prior expertise working in the fields of hair restoration, cosmetic surgery, and general surgery.

Patients going to have surgery at the centre will have a consultation before and after the procedure. The consultations and the therapy are conducted in a discrete and private setting. In most cases, the hair transplant surgery takes the entirety of a single day.

Hairmaxx provides abroad clients with health tourism packages that include the cost of the hair transplant procedure, accommodations at a nearby hotel that include breakfast, lunch, and supper, transfers to and from the hotel, and city excursions.

The medical professionals at the Hairmaxx facility are fluent in English and Filipino. Each year, the clinic sees approximately 25 patients from other countries. Hairmaxx assists patients from different countries with making travel plans, obtaining visas, booking flights, and other logistical concerns.

Bangkok Hair Solution

The hair transplant clinic is committed to assisting all patients dealing with hair loss issues. They use microscopic technologies to properly dissect each graft as part of the FUT and FUE procedures.

From the removal of grafts to the actual hair transplantation, the team doing the hair transplant uses the most current method available. Since it opened more than ten years ago, this clinic has successfully treated over one thousand patients suffering from baldness, earning a reputation for providing first-rate care.

In addition to expert hair technicians, the team is managed by a surgeon specializing in hair restoration. The group provides comprehensive care and continues tracking the patient’s development from the first day of treatment for at least one full year. The services provided at Bangkok Hair Solutions are a little bit restricted, but the staff is well-versed in both English and Thai, making it an excellent choice for patients from other countries.

The hospital’s primary specialist is responsible for performing all treatments and procedures, and they hold various accreditations that are widely recognized.

Dermawave Hair Transplant Center-Jammu

Patients interested in hair transplants are treated with the utmost attention at the Dermawave Hair Transplant facility in Ghaziabad. The primary area of expertise at Dermawave Hair Transplant Clinic is the dermatological and laser hair removal processes.

You may get a low-cost FUE hair transplant at Dermawave Hair Transplant Clinic, the best hair transplant centre in Jammu and Kashmir. Qualified and experienced hair restoration surgeons perform the procedure, so you can be sure you will get the desired results.

They will stop at nothing to achieve the most desirable Hair Transplant results for you, including a hairline and thickness that appear almost entirely natural. Therefore, the Dermawave Hair Transplant Clinic’s location in Jammu, which operates a hair transplant centre, is the most suitable choice for residents of Jammu and Kashmir.


A hair transplant from one of these surgeons is an excellent choice for you to consider. Choose a permanent and eternal remedy such as a hair transplant rather than resorting to procedures that are only effective temporarily.

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