Top 3 best hair transplant clinics and doctors in Los Angeles

Hair transplant Los Angeles

When it comes to feeling good about oneself, having well-groomed hair is a big deal for both men and women. A 2007 survey found that less than 45 percent of women have a full head of hair throughout their lifetimes. Male pattern baldness affects one-third of Caucasian men under the age of 30 according to a National Institute for Health and Care Excellence research. So it’s no surprise that the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery has seen a 60% surge in hair restoration procedures since 2014.

There are many people who suffer from hair loss, and it can be emotionally distressing. The good news is that there are procedures like hair transplants that can help you look your best again. While medical specialists in Los Angeles can perform a variety of hair transplant procedures, FUE hair transplants are the most popular because of their natural appearance and long-lasting effects on hair loss sufferers who undergo them. Any of the doctors or clinics listed below can answer your questions about FUE hair transplants and whether they can help you.

Best hair transplant clinics and doctors in Los Angeles

LA FUE Hair Clinic

LA FUE Hair Clinic Los Angeles

Doctors Jacques Abrahamian MPAS, PA-C and Dr. George Abrahamian MD founded the Beverly Hills Hair Specialist, which is now known as LA FUE Hair Clinic. This decision was made after performing on some of the world’s most well-known persons, including a long list of celebrities and politicians. In Los Angeles, LA FUE Hair Clinic is the best place to get a hair transplant, period. Using the newest Follicular Unit Extraction FUE technique, LA FUE Hair Clinic provides the best FUE hair transplant and FUE hair restoration services to those who suffer from hair loss. It’s clear that the experts at LA FUE Hair Clinic are the best in the business when it comes to hair transplantation and restoration.

They have a team of doctors with more than ten years of combined experience in the FUE hair transplant and hair restoration sector at the LA FUE Hair Clinic. In Pasadena and the surrounding districts of Los Angeles, they are delighted to be one of the few hair transplant clinics offering the best FUE Hair Transplant procedure to their clientele. Only Follicular Unit Extraction FUE procedures are used to offer the highest quality hair restoration for their patients. Art and science are both important at LA FUE Hair Clinic. When creating a natural hairline, they take into account the individual’s particular facial features and work with them to create a framing effect.

In order to help those who suffer from hair loss, LA FUE Hair Clinic offers hair transplant and hair restoration therapies. When it comes to treating baldness, they’ve made a name for themselves as a leading Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) clinic thanks to their tireless efforts. Our wonderful patients come to us from all around the world. Additionally, the clinic offers Executive and VIP Sessions for its most selective clients.

Sean Behnam – Demonologist Hair Restoration Specialists

Everything starts with Dr. Sean’s philosophy which is to execute only one hair transplant case per day in order to keep everyone focused and to also secure the best possible outcomes for patients. Doctor Behnam, a hair transplant pioneer, has been doing just that since 2008, and his work has had a profound impact on the hair transplant sector in Los Angeles. He is internationally recognised and he has made many modifications to the practise. For Dr. Behnam, the most important thing is providing his patients with the best possible care. Every one of his patients receives a thorough explanation of the most up-to-date hair loss treatments and technology from him. To avoid the need for surgical intervention, the doctor will suggest a different treatment if surgery isn’t necessary. Because he only does one procedure a day, he’s able to give each patient the personal attention they deserve. He is an expert in both the FUE and the strip hair transplant procedures. He is devoted to treating hair loss with the utmost attention.

Patients can expect complete satisfaction from Dr. Behnam. As a result, he devotes all of his time and effort to ensuring that every patient receives the highest quality care possible. In order to ensure the patient’s needs are satisfied, Dr. Sean establishes a clear and detailed plan for each individual. Thousands of cases have been handled by Dr. Behnam since 2008, and he has a huge amount of experience. He has also conducted more FUE cases than most doctors in North America, and Dr. Behnam has developed many of the FUE equipment he uses in his practise. When it comes to hair transplants, Dr. Sean focuses solely on hair transplants, and he does not do any other cosmetic procedures. During your appointment, Dr. Sean will perform a microscopic hair analysis, a density analysis, and a hair mapping to build a strategy to combat your hair loss and on the day of the procedure, there are no additional fees.

Dauer Hair Restoration

Marc Dauer, MD, an expert in permanent hair restoration and hair transplantation in Los Angeles, uses Follicular Unit Transplantation to get the most natural results. Doctor Dauer received his medical degree from New York Medical College with distinction and completed his residency in the Department of Head & Neck Surgery at the University of California Los Angeles Medical Center. For his efforts, he received special training in hair restoration and hair transplantation and has been featured in numerous medical publications. Her professional affiliations include memberships in both the American Board for Hair Restoration Surgery and the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery. It’s no secret that Dr. Dauer is a well-known expert on Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation, having served as a faculty member on that specialty’s American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine teaching staff for many years.

Doctor Marc Dauer personally oversees each and every hair transplant consultation, operation, and follow-up. Hair and Eyebrow Transplants are the only focus of Dr. Dauer’s work in hair restoration. The goals of |Dr Dauer is that every patient that comes to the clinic for hair transplants is given the most natural-looking results with the greatest amount of density. The best way to achieve these two objectives is to tailor a treatment plan to the specific needs of each hair loss sufferer. Before deciding on the best course of action for each hair restoration patient, a variety of factors must be considered. The patient’s age, hair-to-skin colour contrast, hair quality, hair character, the patient’s styling desires, and, perhaps most importantly, the ratio of available donor hair to the transplant recipient region in need of coverage are all critical considerations. The most important thing to remember is to put the patient’s needs first at all times.

In Dr. Dauer’s relationship with his patients, there is a great deal of opportunity for communication. The secret to a satisfied patient is to know what the patient is thinking and what they want. We’re not here to make a sell or schedule a procedure. Dr Dauer believes that Doctor-patient relationships are most successful when they are built on open communication and mutual trust. Phone and in-person appointments are always welcome. Dr. Dauer is always accessible to speak with directly through phone, email, or in person. The patient, are in good hands because their office is designed with their well-being in mind. Additionally, the clinic offer a wide selection of movies for you to watch while you’re in the operating room. All of their patients receive complimentary lunch, and there are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions. As far as possible, Dr Dauer want you to be comfortable during your surgery.

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