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Europe is the perfect site for medical tourism because of its excellent medical standards, distinguished medical professionals, cutting-edge medical treatments, and wide price range. Below are some of the top clinics and surgeons of hair transplant in this region:

Dr Bruno – Hair Transplant

Since beginning his practice, Dr Bruno Filipe Carneiro Ferreira has devoted his entire career to hair transplant surgery. Due to his reputation as a perfectionist who is also very concerned with maintaining a natural appearance, he does not use quick cuts when delivering the results. In addition to this, he maintains a close relationship with each of his patients. He places a high priority on providing warm hospitality and making the procedure as stress-free, painless, and understandable as is humanly feasible for his patients.

He believes that by personally performing every aspect of the operation and limiting himself to performing only one operation daily, he can provide the highest level of care and focus to all his clients. Dr Ferreira is also involved in the research and development of hair transplant surgery, including creating new instruments and procedures and advancing the current state of the art in hair restoration.

The Mywhtc Clinic – Hair Transplant

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The hair restoration clinic, MyWHTC, located in Belgium, provides its clients with only the most effective surgical treatments for hair loss, performed by the most skilled surgeons worldwide. At MyWHTC, highly skilled surgeons and staff members execute cutting-edge procedures such as Follicular Unit Extraction, Follicular Isolation Technique, and Follicular Unit Transplantation to provide patients with the best possible results.

We take great satisfaction in our ability to do hair transplantation of the highest possible quality while maintaining the most natural-looking outcomes possible. The medical professionals at MyWHTC always put the comfort and happiness of their patients first, and they work hard to make the surgical procedure as pleasant as possible.

Many different surgical procedures can be performed, depending on your needs. Some are mainly natural and less harmful to the environment than others. Doing some preliminary research and scheduling a meeting with a surgeon who has a solid reputation are the first things you should do if you want to restore your hair.

Dr Patrick Mwamba will examine your thinning hair, respond to any concerns you may have, and talk with you about the treatment choices that are most suitable for your unique needs and degree of thinning hair. Because hair thinning is a complicated process, each individual who experiences it must devise a treatment strategy to achieve the best possible results.

Dr Mwamba understood the artistry involved in hair restoration and the most recent state-of-the-art procedures, such as Follicular Unit Transplant, which he continues to enhance at his clinic. He is a pioneer in developing the least invasive procedure, FIT (Follicular Isolation Technique), more often referred to as FUE.

This procedure, which provides exceptional benefits for patients, is the primary focus of Dr Mwamba’s skilled work in the clinic because of these benefits. Dr Mwamba established his practice in Brussels and Belgium in 2006, calling it the World Hair Transplant Center, abbreviated WHTC.

A significant number of Dr Mwamba’s peers recognize and value his contributions. In the field of hair transplantation, his position is distinguished by the fact that he is sympathetic to patients, pays careful attention to details, has a taste for precise work, and practices aesthetic surgery. The clients and his medical staff all feel that they are at ease in the clinic.

Swiss Luxury Clinic – Hair Transplant

The Swiss Luxury Clinic is home to a group of highly trained medical professionals and surgeons who have earned a reputation for excelling in hair transplants. This clinical team is highly skilled in using the most effective hair restoration strategies due to their many years of academic research, professional experience, and prestigious degrees, all centred-on hair restoration. The provision of a medical service is only one aspect of what hair restoration procedures include. Hair thinning or baldness are both conditions that, if left untreated, can lead to feelings of insecurity and a decline in one’s sense of self-worth.

At the Swiss Luxury Clinic, they completely understand the client’s worries and thus place a strong emphasis on cultivating an atmosphere of trust so that they may feel comfortable entrusting them with their hair thinning problems.


Dr Koray Erdogan – Asmed Hair Transplant Clinic

Dr Koray Erdogan is widely regarded as one of the best hair restoration surgeons in Turkey and the rest of the world. At the Asmed Surgical Center in Istanbul, which was established and is led by Dr Koray Erdogan, he and his crew of six other specialists who are experts in their respective specialities undertake FUE hair transplant surgery. Additionally, in 2018, he was chosen to lead the World FUE Institute as its President.

Within the realm of hair restoration, the clinic has over 20 years of experience, is outfitted with cutting-edge medical technology, and uses the most cutting-edge FUE hair transplant digital technology available.

Dr Serkan Aygin

Dr Serkan Aygin and the Hair Transplant Clinic he runs are among the most well-known hair transplant clinics in Istanbul and Turkey. They provide patients worldwide with hair transplant services of the highest possible quality using the most cutting-edge technologies and treatment approaches.

Dr Serkan Aygin has received the 2019 “European Award in Medicine” in the category of “Hair Transplant Surgery,” making him one of the most known surgeons in Turkey and among the most recognized surgeons in the world.

After receiving his medical degree from the Istanbul Capa University Faculty of Medicine, Dr Serkan Aygin continued his education at Istanbul University to get a Master of Science degree in Clinical Pharmacology. At the Vakif Gureba Hospital, he participated in a residency training program in dermatology. Additionally, he participates in the International Society of Dermatology (ISD).

Cost of Hair Restoration In Europe Typically Cost

Recently, the price of having a hair transplant has begun to level out. However, based on the severity of your hair loss, charges in the UK might go as high as thirty thousand pounds.


When done by a surgeon with both knowledge and expertise, hair transplants can produce excellent results in re-establishing the hairline and regaining lost volume and thickness.

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