How Much Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey?

How Much Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Over the last few years, a great number of people have trooped into Turkey to have their hair transplant treatment. As much as reasons motivate this influx of medical tourists for this treatment, the low cost of medical care is a major reason. Although the cost varies per surgeon and clinic, it’s still pretty affordable.

In Turkey, the affordability of hair transplants isn’t known to so many people. However, as more people choose the country, there are more testaments. So, if you’re suffering from partial or severe hair loss, but you don’t know how much it’ll cost to correct it permanently, or you don’t know if you can afford the cost, this article will clear all your doubts and ignorance on the cost of hair transplant in Turkey.

Here, we’ll discuss the cost of hair transplants in Turkey and explore the factors that alter the average cost of hair transplants.

On Hair Transplant

Like many other cosmetic surgeries, hair transplant has gained so much attention. Owing to its efficiency in permanently solving all issues concerning hair loss, more people are choosing it for their hair restoration therapy. The processes and techniques involved are seamless, and their results are natural.

It involves removing hair from one spot to be implanted in another spot that’s bald and thinned. The two most popular techniques are the FUE and the FUT techniques. The procedures for each of these techniques usually take a session or more depending on the level of baldness of each patient or the technique used. However, no matter how bald you may be, a hair transplant can offer a lasting solution.

In Turkey, hair transplant is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. As a result, thousands of doctors have dedicated time and resources to research and practice in this field. Not to forget, the government, too, has constantly created a good platform for medical tourists to enjoy the level of expertise of the country’s doctors.

The vast availability of doctors in the country offering hair transplant services has created good competition regarding the quality of service and the cost involved. More so, the cost of labor in the country is low; as such, the cost of hair transplants is low compared to other countries within the continent. There’s also an all-inclusive medical package for medical tourists in Turkey.

Cost of a hair transplant

What’s Included in Hair Transplant Medical Packages in Turkey?

The all-inclusive hair transplant medical package in Turkey includes transfers (from airport to the hotel, from the hotel to chosen clinic, from the clinic back to the hotel till the last day of stay), medications, accommodation in a 4-star or a 5-star hotel depending on taste and lifestyle choice, a language interpreter and other things. So naturally, the packages differ per clinic. But the things mentioned above are the basic constituents.

What’s the Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey?

The cost of an all-inclusive hair transplant medical package in Turkey is between €2,300 to €6,000. However, it’s crucial to note that these prices vary by clinic. For example, at CapilClinic, the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey, they charge €2,190 for a normal hair transplant session.

As much as you can find it cheaper elsewhere, you may not get your money’s worth as you will at CapilClinic. Similarly, they have modern equipment controlled by skilled and experienced specialists. So the result you’ll get after your hair transplant despite paying less would be perfect.

What’s the Cost for 4000 Hair Grafts in Turkey?

Each hair follicle in our head skin has at least two hair strands. So the transplantation of 4000 hair grafts implies the transfer of about 10000 hair strands to a new site. The cost for this number of hair grafts in Turkey would be between €1,500 to €4,500 when the cost in countries like Germany, the USA, Spain, Poland, and the UK is usually around €6,000 to €14,000.

What Factors Affect These Costs in Turkey?

Some of the factors that affect the costs of hair transplant outlined above include:

1. The Surgeon’s Qualifications

Surgeons that are accredited and highly qualified tend to charge more than average surgeons, and that’s due to their qualifications. It applies to regular treatment in the same way it applies to hair transplants.

2. The Severity of Your Condition

Your hair loss level also affects the cost of a hair transplant. If hair loss is severe, the chances are that you’ll require special and more intensive hair transplant treatment. And that means you have to pay more than someone whose condition is mild and requires less treatment.

3. The Technique Your Condition Requires

There are different types of hair transplant techniques, and the cost for each varies. The point is, no matter the technique used, it tells in the cost of your treatment.

Technique FUE Hair transplant

How Can You Determine the Best Hair Transplant Technique That’s Suitable for You?

Determining the most suitable hair transplant technique isn’t your job. Hence, you can’t make the decision. Instead, it is the job of the doctor in the clinic you’ve chosen. The doctor would observe your case and ask relevant questions to determine which techniques would bring the most desirable result for you.

Is Hair Transplant Successful in Turkey?

Even before the advent of modern equipment that’s improved the success rate of hair transplant, hair transplant has always been successful in Turkey using conventional methods. Now that there are modern cutting-edge technologies to leverage, the results are even better. So yes! Hair transplants are successful in Turkey.

What’s the Duration for Hair Transplant in Turkey?

The timeframe for hair transplant in Turkey is usually between 6 to 8 hours. However, this timeframe can be shortened or elongated depending on the patient’s hair loss level and the volume of grafts to be transferred.


Hair transplant is affordable for every person as long as they care about finding a permanent solution to their hair loss. Traveling to Turkey for this treatment won’t be out of place provided it’s properly planned, and all cost is considered before making the decision.

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