Top 3 best hair transplant clinics and doctors in Philadelphia

Best hair transplant clinics and doctors in Philadelphia

In the United States, approximately half of the population, including men and women, suffer from some degree of hair loss. In Philadelphia, doctors and clinics use a variety of cutting-edge hair restoration methods, including platelet-rich plasma, which does not require surgery, and surgical methods like FUE and FUT, which do require surgery. The issue of male pattern baldness is something that virtually every man will encounter as he ages. One of the most effective methods for treating male pattern baldness is a mix of medication treatment to keep one’s existing hair and hair transplant surgery to restore follicles that have been lost.

Also, at least half of all women will experience female pattern baldness, according to recent studies. It is common for women to detect a widening of the parting of their hair with some receding of the hairline around the temples as the first sign of hair loss. In the long run, it is typical to witness a gradual thinning of the hair on the top of the head. Genetics play a major role in the development of female pattern baldness, which can be passed down from mother to daughter. In this article, we would be showing some of the greatest hair transplant clinics and experts in Philadelphia.

Top hair transplant clinics and doctors in Philadelphia

Griffin Hair Restoration

Griffin Hair Restoration

Dr.  Griffin, graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1975 and Jefferson Medical College in 1980. After which he received his medical degree from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. Dr. Griffin is triple board certified in dermatology, dermatopathology, and pathology after completing his residency training at Temple University. At the same time, he has served as a member of the Board of Directors of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

Dermatology and Dermatopathology has been Dr. Griffin’s specialty for 30 years, during which time he has gained a wealth of knowledge. A hair transplant surgeon since 1988, he has a wealth of experience. Hair transplantation technique has evolved significantly during the past decade and as a doctor, Dr. Griffin has a special interest in the human hair growth cycle and finding effective methods to combat hair loss and encourage hair growth. Hair loss in men and women has been a specialty of Dr. Griffin’s since the beginning of his training. His in-depth understanding of the pathophysiology of hair loss is critical in the treatment of all forms of hair loss.

As a pioneer in hair transplantation surgery, Dr. Griffin is the founder of Griffin Hair Restoration Center of Philadelphia. He was the first doctor in Philadelphia to administer PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections for hair loss. Follicles are harvested for hair transplantation by him using the FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) technique. This procedure does not leave a noticeable linear scar in the donor area and provides natural grafts for transplantation, resulting in a highly natural appearance. He views hair transplantation as an art form and takes great satisfaction in his ability to produce a natural appearance that is sure to endure.


HairClub has been assisting people with various types of hair loss for the past 40 years. Everyone both male and female can benefit from their services. To ensure that the patient hair is in tip-top shape, their physicians are delighted to sit down with the patients for an hour before performing the procedure: HairClub is more than just a business as their see their patients as a family. As a family, they are dedicated to helping their patients to achieve the hair they desire. They sincerely feel that life is better when the patient have a beautiful hair. The clinic stands tall today because of the 40 years and more than 500,000 customers they have served. HairClub believes that every step they take in their journey to hair transplantation shapes their future.

Also, the advancement in innovation has now made it feasible to re-grow patient’s hair thanks to these advances in science and technology. HairClub’s non-surgical hair restoration choices have been demonstrated to work when patient’s follows the clinic’s instructions. More so, replacing thinning or non-existent hair on the scalp has never been easier thanks to HairClub’s line of hair replacement products. There replacement solutions are quick and effective, and patients sees results following their first styling session. At Hairclub, they offer FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) hair transplants, and their BioGraft®* which combines transplantation and hair systems to create a fuller-looking head of hair. In addition to safe and effective hair loss solutions, the hair transplantation clinic offers almost invisible results tailored to flatter your features. The hair transplantation clinic also offers other range of unique services which includes late night and weekend appointments and consultation, as well as a state-of-the-art hair care and a complimentary hair analysis.

BOSLEY Hair Transplant Center

The Bosley Hair Transplant Center, located on Market Street in the heart of Philadelphia, provides a wide range of surgical and nonsurgical methods for hair restoration. As pioneers in hair restoration and hair transplantation for men and women, Bosley Medical is one of the most trusted and experienced hair restoration and hair transplant experts in the world. Their therapies include FUE and FUT, scalp micro-pigmentation (SMP), Trigen+ with Power Matrix PrP, eyebrow restoration, and a carefully developed topical Products that promote hair health.

At Bosley hair transplant, one to four individual hair follicles are extracted from the donor area, then individually transplanted to the recipient area in the Bosley FUE procedure. This is a minimally invasive hair transplantation technique.

Also, using the Bosley FUT which is performed by extracting all of the grafts from the back of the head at once. After that, the follicles are transplanted one at a time into the recipients’ bodies. FUT may be the preferable method of graft extraction depending on the size and form of the donor area and the demand for grafts. In any stage of hair loss, Bosley can assist you in slowing hair loss, preserving existing hair, and regrowing it in a natural-looking way at the hairline and crown. Whether you’re living in Philadelphia or coming from anther state or country, the clinic board-certified physician and team of skilled counsellors are here to assist the patients in finding a solution to their hair loss problem.

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