Dr. Ziering

Dr. Ziering

Affectionately referred to as Doc Z by both his colleagues and patients, Dr. Ziering embarked on his medical journey in 1989, earning his esteemed medical degree from Nova Southeastern University in Miami, Florida. It was during his internship with the UMDNJ that he first discovered his passion for hair transplant surgery, becoming an integral part of a prominent group practice.

These pivotal years not only honed his surgical skills but also deepened his understanding of natural hair growth and the progressive effects of hair loss. Dr. Ziering’s thirst for knowledge led him to complete his residency in Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery at Ohio University’s Grandview Medical Center. To further his expertise in the field, he pursued a Fellowship in Hair Restoration and later assumed the role of Associate Medical Director for a nationwide hair transplant company, performing surgeries across the United States.

Pioneering a New Era

Throughout his professional journey, Dr. Ziering gradually envisioned a transformative experience for his patients. His unwavering pursuit of perfection and innovative spirit yearned for a space where new hair loss treatments could be explored, advanced surgical technologies could be developed, and surgical techniques could be refined, tested, and shared with fellow surgeons.

In 2003, Ziering Medical was established as the culmination of Doc Z’s aspirations, serving as his private practice and creative hub for reinventing the field of hair transplant surgery. With over 30 years of experience as a trailblazer in male and female hair transplantation, Dr. Ziering’s expertise has revolutionized the art and science of hair restoration surgery, introducing groundbreaking innovations such as the Ziering Whorl, Blades, Scope, and Tunnel Technique.

A Handpicked Team of Excellence

Doc Z takes great pride in assembling a select team of surgeons who have all completed fellowships with Ziering Medical. Over the years, he has refined the surgical process and assumes a supervisory role, overseeing all patient procedures and treatment plans. While Dr. Ziering still performs surgeries on an exclusive and limited basis, his role has evolved into that of a mentor and guide. Every day, he imparts his unparalleled attention to detail and instills the belief that each patient is a unique individual—a father, mother, sister, uncle, or brother—rather than a mere statistic. By passing on his wisdom and perspective to the next generation of hair restoration aficionados, his life’s experiences come full circle.

Recognitions and Contributions

Dr. Ziering’s accomplishments extend beyond his surgical practice. With an impressive count of 25,000 procedures under his belt and continuing, he stands as a prominent figure in the field. His vast knowledge and expertise have earned him a position on the faculty of the International Society for Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS) World Congress, where he has served for over two decades. Notably, Dr. Ziering held the esteemed role of Chairman of Workshops for the ISHRS World Congress in 2018. He also contributes to the advancement of the field through his involvement in the ISHRS Live Surgery Workshop and membership in ISHRS Fellowship Training and CME committees.

In the realm of hair restoration, Dr. Ziering’s passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment have reshaped the landscape. With his visionary approach and constant pursuit of perfection, he continues to make indelible contributions to the field, revolutionizing the lives of countless patients seeking natural-looking hair restoration solutions.