Dr. Manish Mittal

Dr. Manish Mittal

Dr. Mani, who is commonly addressed by his patients as such, is widely acknowledged as a highly proficient hair restoration specialist on a global scale. He possesses a particular proficiency in achieving outcomes that appear natural and utilizing high-density packing techniques to restore hair thickness. Dr. Manish Mittal is a highly esteemed and skilled hair transplant surgeon who is widely recognized for his expertise in the field of hair restoration.

Educational Qualification

Dr. Manish Mittal successfully completed his medical training at the esteemed University of Leicester and has acquired extensive experience in various surgical specialties. This has enabled him to develop a profound comprehension of the intricacies involved in the management of delicate skin tissue. Dr. Mittal augmented his proficiency by pursuing advanced education in hair transplantation practises from renowned institutions across the world.


Dr. Mani commenced his professional career by engaging in partnerships with esteemed clinics located on Harley Street in London, a widely acknowledged global hub of excellence for various medical domains. He was presented with the chance to access the expertise of surgeons from various countries including the United States, Australia, Turkey, and India. Dr. Mani has formulated unique methods for executing an intricate hair transplantation operation, derived from his accumulated expertise and collaboration with diverse specialists within the discipline. Dr. Manish Mittal upholds a stringent standard of excellence, guaranteeing that the process remains incomplete until they are entirely content with the result. Consequently, under the supervision of Dr. Mani, individuals can anticipate a meticulous and customized approach to their hair transplantation procedure. Dr. Mani has successfully amalgamated his fervor for both scientific and artistic pursuits within this intricate field.


Dr. Mani prefers to concentrate on a single patient each day. He has gained knowledge through his experience of working with other clinics that have a more “commercial” approach, wherein a single surgeon performs multiple surgeries, which may not always allow for adequate attention to be given to each patient. Moreover, it is an exceedingly demanding process; managing exhaustion is imperative when dealing with tasks performed at the microscopic scale. By concentrating on a single patient, the medical professional can sustain elevated levels of focus, remain actively involved throughout the procedure, and guarantee the best possible outcome. This is evidenced by his case studies and the numerous five-star reviews observed on Google, Trust Pilot, and Doctify.

Services Offered

Dr. Mani has a preference for conducting sophisticated FUE procedures, and he also provides strip (FUT surgery) when necessary. However, the majority of his work and passion is dedicated to the skillful execution of FUE hair transplant surgery, which accounts for over 95% of his practice. This technique can be employed for the purpose of hair reclamation on the cranial region, as well as on the facial area, including the eyebrows and beard. He has effectively treated more than one thousand patients and has a success rate of less than one percent for hair restoration surgeries.


Dr. Mani has received an endorsement from The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons, which is a consumer organization that collaborates with the most reputable 60 surgeons globally. Dr. Mani takes pride in being one of the two full members in the United Kingdom. He has been endorsed by The American Hair Loss Association and The Bald Truth.

Due to his proficiency in the field, he is regularly nominated for accolades and is the primary individual sought out by national journalists for his expert insights. Due to his prominence in the field, he delivers lectures at conferences on hair transplantation, enlightening fellow practitioners. However, he receives clients from various parts of the globe who seek his services.


In conclusion, Dr. Mani is a benevolent, compassionate, authentic individual who subscribes to the principle of karma, wherein one’s actions tend to have corresponding consequences. As per his philosophical standpoint, he consistently communicates the unvarnished truth to his patients. The approach is not forceful, but rather an honest conversation about what is feasible and what is not. He exhibits no apprehension in declining patients if he judges them to be unsuitable candidates.