Hair Mesotherapy, What It Is?

Hair Mesotherapy, What It Is

Studies has proven that an unhealthy amount of stress, anxiety and pollutions can build up problem in one’s hair. These things, without a doubt, have a significant impact on one’s natural beauty. When the body goes through a transformation, one of the first things that is affected is the hair. Even though it is much simpler to avoid hair problems than it is to fix those that have already occurred, very few people really use preventative measures. When a person’s curls become damaged and they begin to lose their hair, they will finally see how serious the matter is. These issues can be remedied with the use of a number of different cosmetic procedures, such as mesotherapy. The process of hair mesotherapy involves administering a number of very small injections into the scalp in order to improve the health of the scalp and stimulate hair growth. It is primarily used to treat hair loss and thinning, although it can also be used to address certain hair and scalp disorders, such as dandruff or excessive oil production. In general, it is used to treat hair loss and thinning. Injections used in mesotherapy typically contain a combination of several vitamins, minerals, and other active compounds derived from nature or the laboratory. When injected into the scalp, the mixture functions as a kind of “fertiliser” for the hair follicles, potentially enhancing hair growth, enhancing the strength of existing hair, and fostering a better environment on the scalp.

Benefits of Hair Mesotherapy

It is believed that hair mesotherapy can be an effective treatment for a wide variety of different forms of hair loss and disorders that affect the scalp. The following are some potential benefits:

  • Reducing dandruff, dryness, and oiliness in the scalp • promoting the formation of new hair follicles
  • Giving existing hair more strength and volume
  • Stimulating the growth of new hair follicles
  • Increasing blood flow to the scalp, which results in improved nutrient absorption
  • Boosting the efficiency of hair loss treatments like Rogaine and Minoxidil
  • Providing long-term benefits with a reduced number of treatments, in comparison to some other approaches

Advantages of hair mesotherapy

Mesotherapy for the hair has a number of potential advantages, including increased circulation to the scalp, enhanced absorption of topical medicines, and the possible stimulation of hair growth. The medication is often well tolerated, and its adverse effects are kept to a minimum. Additional advantages of hair mesotherapy include the following:

It’s effective

Mesotherapy is without a doubt beneficial for treating hair loss. In fact, when it is combined with PRP, which stands for platelet-rich plasma, the efficiency and performance are significantly increased.

It’s safe and painless

When it comes to treating hair loss, mesotherapy is unquestionably a less risky alternative to treatments that are more invasive, such as surgical procedures. In most cases, the surrounding tissue is not harmed, and it is effective in performing the function for which it was designed.

It enhances scalp immunity

Mesotherapy for the hair is able to revitalise the scalp in addition to revitalising the hair follicles on the head. The method of puncturing using the injections enables the growth of new blood vessels, and as a result, manages to rejuvenate your scalp, which will ensure that your hair grows longer, shinier, and thicker.
It reduces scalp inflammation
Mesotherapy for hair treats micro-inflammation in the scalp, which can lead to hair loss. Therefore, if you have been having dandruff or itching on your scalp, you can be confident that mesotherapy can eliminate both of these issues and revitalise your scalp so that it is healthier.

Disadvantages of hair mesotherapy

The cost of several treatments, the possibility of adverse responses to the injections, and the absence of long-term study into the efficiency of hair mesotherapy are all considered to be disadvantages of this treatment method. In addition, those who have specific medical issues or who use specific medications might not be good candidates for mesotherapy.

Who can benefit from mesotherapy for hair?

Absolutely everyone who has noticed thinning or loss of hair can benefit from mesotherapy for hair. Mesotherapy is a treatment that was initially prescribed for people who had alopecia, which is a condition in which there is a partial or complete absence of hair from certain areas of the body. Mesotherapy, however, is beneficial for anyone who is experiencing hair loss and can help anyone who is experiencing hair loss. People who are experiencing hair loss as a result of hair fall may find that mesotherapy for hair is beneficial to them. However, those who are already balding or those who have a hereditary predisposition for hair loss are generally not going to see any improvement from using this product. This is due to the fact that the treatment can only awaken dormant bulbs and provide nourishment to hair follicles; it is unable to regrow hair in its entirety. In addition, women who are pregnant as well as persons who suffer from skin conditions, dermal inflammations, diabetes, or haemophilia should avoid the therapy because it has the potential to negatively impact and even aggravate their health.

Steps in preparing for Hair Mesotherapy

Before receiving hair mesotherapy, a person should consult with their physician about the process, as well as any potential dangers or side effects that may be associated with it. They may need to complete several preliminary steps in order to be ready for the procedure, depending on the solution that their doctor will be employing. Common measures can include things like

  • Avoiding specific medications that might make the treatment less effective and giving up smoking.
  • Coming to the appointment with clean and dry hair
  • Wearing clothes that is loose and comfortable
  • Waiting twenty-four hours after dying one’s hair before undergoing the treatment

What to Pay Attention after Mesotherapy

  • Refrain from washing your hair, particularly with products like balms and shampoo. You will have to put up with having dirty hair for a little while longer (3-4 days). The results of the treatment could be badly impacted by water and shampoos, and the healing process could be slowed down as a result.
  • Do not swim for a short period of time (two to three days), and stay out of the sun. After your mesotherapy session, you should wait at least 10 hours before taking a shower. The area to be injected should be well dried.
  • Stay away from the sauna and the pool for at least a week.
  • Massage should not be used to the injection sites until the wound has completely healed.
  • Refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages. Alcohol increases vasodilatation. Because of this, the effectiveness of the mesotherapy is diminished.

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