The Treatment Rooms

The Treatment Rooms

Within the FUE hair transplant industry, two exceptional surgeons have emerged as renowned leaders: Dr. Dilan Fernando and Dr. Roshan Vara. Standing as pillars of expertise, The Treatment Rooms London, an esteemed boutique hair transplant clinic located in the prestigious Harley Street and Putney, has consistently garnered exclusive 5-star reviews for years. Acclaimed as the foremost FUE hair transplant facility in the city, this clinic boasts a well-deserved reputation for its unparalleled commitment to attentive and transparent patient care. Tailoring their approach to individual needs, Dr. Fernando and Dr. Vara offer a bespoke hair transplant journey, placing patients at the forefront. With direct access to these esteemed surgeons, individuals are guided through every stage of the transformative hair transplant process, from the initial consultation to the comprehensive post-operative care. Through their dedicated efforts, both surgeons ensure that each patient has the optimal opportunity to cultivate a full head of natural hair, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of excellence.

As patients embark on their pilgrimage to The Treatment Rooms London, their primary concern often revolves around their receding hairline, seeking a haven of utmost care. Revered as a “professional, competent, and all-around outstanding clinic for hair transplant” by its patrons, this exceptional establishment diligently fosters an environment where patients feel not only welcomed but also at ease throughout the entire procedure. The clinic’s unparalleled dedication to ensuring a transformative experience is evident, embodying the essence of compassion and expertise.

Championing the Ethics and Expertise of Hair Transplant Surgery

Dr. Dilan Fernando, an unwavering advocate for the strict professional code of conduct set forth by the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery, serves on its esteemed Executive Committee. Excelling in the field of neurosurgery, Dr. Fernando’s journey began as a fellow in the distinguished department of neurosurgery at London’s King’s College Hospital. Driven by a lifelong passion for addressing hair thinning, he made a profound commitment to the art, science, and surgery of hair replacement, inspired by the unfortunate failure of a close friend’s hair transplant. Despite his thick and lustrous hair, Dr. Fernando is not impervious to the harrowing impact of hair loss, which haunts him as an ongoing dread and nightmare. This deeply personal experience fuels his determination to deliver the safest and most effective treatments to every patient under his care. In his esteemed role as the chief hair transplant surgeon at The Treatment Rooms London, he has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of surgical interventions on patients’ lives. Consequently, Dr. Fernando goes above and beyond to ensure that the outcomes are of the utmost quality and meticulously consider future hair development.

Owing to his young age and impressive credentials, Dr. Fernando has become a highly sought-after authority on hair loss and transplantation. Renowned media outlets, such as BBC News, have featured his insights on numerous occasions, while he continues to contribute informative articles and blogs to the UK’s foremost patient information website on cosmetic surgery, Consulting Room. Committed to patient safety, Dr. Fernando vehemently advocates for patient education, tirelessly working to empower individuals who undergo hair transplant surgery. Supporting Dr. Fernando in his noble pursuit is Dr. Roshan Vara, a Full Medical Member of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgery and a valued associate.