MediWell Clinic

MediWell Clinic

MediWell Clinic, a certified clinic by the CQC, has been at the forefront of hair transplantation and hair loss treatments. The clinic specializes in providing comprehensive packages for maximum graft treatments using the FUE method. The experienced doctors at MediWell Clinic have performed hundreds of successful hair transplantations and also offer PRP treatments in the London facility.

Aims and Objectives

High-Quality Care and Prevention

The primary aim is to provide patients with safe, professional, and high-quality healthcare services. The clinic prioritizes disease prevention by promoting health and well-being, offering comprehensive care, and providing valuable advice.

Patient-Centered Approach

The clinic believes in working collaboratively with patients, their families, and caregivers to ensure a positive experience and understanding. Involving them in decision-making processes regarding treatment and care is essential. Each patient is treated as an individual, with respect for their needs, wants, and autonomy, while supporting them to maintain their independence and control over their health.

Continuous Improvement

As a learning organization, the clinic constantly strives to enhance the offerings for patients. The highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and personal responsibility are upheld, honoring the trust patients place in the clinic. The goal is to provide the best care possible, delivering sensitivity, empathy, and respect to patients and their families.

Integrated Healthcare Services

The clinic is dedicated to providing transparent and integrated healthcare services of a standardized level of quality. A clinical pathway, guidance, and algorithms support this goal, ensuring comprehensive care for patients.

Collaboration and Partnerships

Active collaboration with other organizations is pursued to address the root causes of ill health while providing effective treatment. When necessary, other professionals are involved in the care of patients to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Respecting Privacy and Legal Compliance

Operations are conducted in accordance with laws, regulations, and professional ethical principles, with a strong emphasis on respecting patients’ rights to privacy.

Prior to and During Your Visit

  • Preparing for Your Visit: Before the appointment, it is important to bring a list of current medications, including prescribed medicines, over-the-counter medicines, as well as any vitamin supplements or herbal remedies.
  • Upon Arrival: Upon arrival at the clinic, friendly reception staff will warmly welcome and assist with payment arrangements and address any non-clinical inquiries.
  • Pre-Procedure Preparation: Dedicated nurses or consultants will guide patients through the preparation process for the procedure. To ensure a comprehensive understanding of health, including medical history, a member of the medical team will ask relevant questions.
  • Chaperone and Allergies: If a chaperone is preferred during medical consultations or treatments, patients are encouraged to inform the clinic before or during the visit, and the necessary arrangements will be made. It is also essential to inform clinical staff about any allergies experienced in the past or currently.
  • During Your Visit: During the visit, attentive and polite staff will take care of patients in clean and comfortable facilities. The reception team will greet patients, and a Health Care Assistant, working alongside the medical team, will ensure needs are met and comfort is prioritized.
  • Safeguarding: At MediWell Clinic London, a commitment to maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for both patients and staff is upheld. Best practice guidelines are strictly followed at all times, with designated Safeguarding Officers and established procedures for the protection of adults and children.
  • Chaperoning: For the convenience and comfort of patients, chaperones are available during examinations or treatments conducted at MediWell Clinic London.