HQ Hair Transplants

HQ Hair Transplants

HQ Hair Transplant Clinic specializes in providing cutting-edge hair transplant solutions to address baldness and hair loss in men across all age groups. Situated in the heart of Cardiff’s dynamic City Centre, Head Quarters stands as a contemporary, purpose-built facility dedicated to hair transplantation. With their commitment to excellence, they extend their consultancy services not only in Cardiff but also in Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, and London.

At HQ Hair Transplant Clinic, their team of resident surgeons possesses extensive expertise in treating male pattern balding and various types of hair loss. Through their advanced procedures, they empower men to regain their confidence and self-esteem by restoring a fuller and more natural-looking head of hair. Their transformative treatments enable individuals to embrace a happier and more youthful appearance, ultimately enhancing their overall well-being.

Why choose Head Quarters?

Head Quarter clinic genuinely care about the outcomes their clients achieve. Their satisfaction and happiness are of paramount importance to them. By combining their passion for delivering exceptional results with the unwavering commitment to personalized care, HQ Hair Transplants strive to provide patient’s with an experience that surpasses their expectations.

Clinic Specialists

At Head Quarters, their expert team comprises resident hair transplant surgeons hailing from Harley Street, renowned for their exceptional quality and reputation. Alongside them, the dedicated clinic manager and team of hair loss experts are driven by a deep passion for delivering what they consider to be the platinum standard of hair transplants, patient experience, and aftercare.

The clinic take pride in the fact that their resident team ensures that patients receive the highest level of confidence and continuity of care. To guarantee that they meet the most rigorous standards for patient safety and satisfaction, they have closely collaborated with the Health Inspectorate Wales and the General Medical Council.

Head Quarters stands as Wales’ first purpose-built Hair Transplant clinic, boasting a modern and stylish facility. They commitment to technical finesse is matched by their unwavering dedication to providing patients with the most natural-looking results possible. To achieve this, the team continuously engages in rigorous research of the latest evidence-based technologies in hair restoration.

Optimised extraction for maximum density

At Head Quarters, they take great pride in incorporating the cutting-edge WAW Devor System as their latest extraction device. This state-of-the-art technology has been extensively proven to deliver exceptional quality hair grafts, surpassing technical limitations and enabling their expert team to assist you in achieving a fuller and more voluminous head of hair. By harnessing the capabilities of this contemporary device, they can provide their patients with optimal results that enhance their overall hair restoration journey.

Honest consulting

At Head Quarters Hair Transplants Clinic, the client’s happiness and satisfaction are at the forefront of their priorities. They understand the significance of open and honest communication, which is why they encourage all their client’s to share their expectations with them. If, upon thorough assessment, they determine that they may not be able to provide them with the desired outcome that would make them genuinely happy, they will always be truthful, transparent, and forthright in their discussions.

They recognize that each hair transplant case is unique and requires careful consideration. The patient’s hair loss situation is distinct, the donor site characteristics are specific to the individual, the patient’s expectations are personal, and the regrowth experience is individual.


Xavier Rush, the owner of Clinic Group, empathizes deeply with the apprehension and anxiety that can arise when stepping into a hair treatment clinic for the first time. He understands the profound impact hair loss can have on one’s confidence and self-esteem. Drawing from his own personal experience, Xavier Rush is committed to creating a supportive and understanding environment for every individual who seeks assistance at Head Quarters Hair Transplants.

They prioritize patient confidentiality above all else. At Head Quarters Hair Transplants, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that all discussions during your consultation are handled with the utmost privacy and discretion. Their experienced team respects the importance of confidentiality and ensures that the information shared remains strictly between you and their dedicated professionals.