Enhance Hair Restoration

Enhance Hair Restoration

Enhance Hair Restoration, the esteemed providers of hair transplants in Belfast, have garnered recognition for their outstanding services. Their team comprises exceptionally skilled professionals, wholly committed to delivering the finest hair loss treatments available in Belfast. At Enhance, they take pride in offering their clients the pinnacle of modern treatments and transplants. Among the myriad options, the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method reigns supreme as the favored choice for transplantation. As pioneering providers of FUE hair transplants in Belfast, Enhance stands at the vanguard of this groundbreaking technique.

Enhance Hair Restoration, Belfast Services

Renowned for their exceptional standards, Enhance Hair Restoration has earned accolades as an award-winning clinic. Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and the overall hair transplant experience has led them to receive the prestigious ARTAS Centre of Excellence Award for four consecutive years. This esteemed recognition signifies their instrumental role in the development of the cutting-edge ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplantation System and Hair Studio. Should you have any inquiries or wish to avail yourself of a complimentary consultation for their hair transplants in Belfast, you are encouraged to contact them without hesitation.

Why Choose Enhance Hair Restoration in Belfast

Situated in the heart of Belfast on Cromac Street, a mere 30-minute drive from Belfast International Airport, lies our esteemed clinic. Recognizing that a hair transplant entails a significant investment of both time and finances, the clinic prioritize keeping you fully informed about the available options, enabling you to make the most suitable decision for your unique circumstances. With their extensive expertise in treating individuals grappling with hair loss, they are exceptionally positioned to cater to your specific requirements.

Much like any cosmetic procedure, a hair transplant has the potential to transform your appearance, understandably giving rise to concerns regarding the anticipated outcomes. At Enhance Hair Restoration, they pledge unwavering transparency. They offer you ample time to pose inquiries and encourage you to schedule a consultation, empowering you with comprehensive knowledge before proceeding with your hair transplant.

The Team

In recognition of their tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to innovation, Enhance Hair Restoration has been bestowed with the esteemed ARTAS Center of Clinical Excellence award for four consecutive years. This prestigious accolade reflects their exceptional service and groundbreaking contributions. As a testament to their remarkable dedication, Enhance Hair Restoration has been entrusted with the task of collaborating on the development of the state-of-the-art ARTAS Robotic System and Hair Studio. This distinguished honor is reserved for only a select few, further solidifying Enhance’s standing as a premier hair transplantation clinic.

Patients Experience

  • At Enhance Hair Restoration, they boast a team of seasoned professionals and specialists well-versed in the realm of hair loss treatments and hair transplant surgery. Their dedicated experts bring forth their extensive knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional care.
  • They take pride in ground-breaking medical equipment meticulously designed by Enhance Hair Restoration. These cutting-edge tools enable them to push the boundaries of innovation and achieve remarkable outcomes for their valued clients.
  • Their procedures encompass a wide array of proprietary techniques, carefully tailored to meet individual needs. By leveraging their expertise and utilizing these advanced methods, they strive to provide optimal results and enhance patient satisfaction.
  • Recognizing that not all individuals may seek surgical interventions, the clinic also offer non-surgical hair loss treatment methods. Their comprehensive approach encompasses a range of effective alternatives, ensuring that each client receives personalized solutions aligned with their preferences and circumstances.


To embark on your hair restoration journey, you are warmly invited to contact the Belfast clinic. Their operating hours are as follows: Monday to Friday, they are open at 9am and close at 7:30pm. On Saturdays, their doors open at 10am and gracefully close at 4pm. Please kindly note that their clinic remains closed on Sundays. They are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to assist you in reclaiming your confidence and achieving your desired hair restoration results.