Cayra Clinic

Cayra Clinic

Located in the captivating country of Turkey, Cayra Clinic stands as a beacon of brilliance in the realm of healthcare. Nestled in the bustling cities of Istanbul and Antalya, this renowned medical center has garnered a global presence, attracting patients from around the world.

At Cayra Clinic, a team of exceptional professionals awaits, ready to embark on a transformative voyage with you. Highly skilled surgeons are not only dedicated to assisting you in taking crucial steps on your cosmetic journey but also ensuring the success of your surgical experience in Turkey, all at an affordable rate.

Cayra Clinic in Turkey has established itself as a distinguished provider of a wide range of medical treatments. With expertise in hair transplantation, plastic surgery, weight loss procedures, dental treatments, In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and eye surgeries, the clinic operates in Istanbul, collaborating with esteemed surgeons who meticulously execute procedures at internationally accredited hospitals. Patients of diverse ethnic backgrounds from all corners of the globe have chosen to embark on their desired treatments by traveling to Turkey and placing their trust in Cayra Clinic.


The core of Cayra Clinic’s growth lies in the mission to offer an outstanding medical journey to global patients at accessible prices. Guided by the motto, “beauty for everyone,” there is an unwavering commitment to act in the best interest of patients.

At Cayra Clinic, patients’ well-being and satisfaction take precedence above all else. The clinic meticulously selects and regularly evaluates surgeons, treating patients as cherished members of the family. The feedback and perspectives of patients are valued, and the focus is on providing care and treatment that exceeds expectations. This patient-centric approach has propelled Cayra Clinic to remarkable milestones, cementing its position as a leader in the field of medical travel coordination.

Cayra Clinic takes pride in its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Utilizing electric cars for patient transfers from the airport to the hotel and hospital, a zero carbon footprint is achieved. Each patient contributes to these noble causes, joining in making the world a better place to live.

Cayra Clinic’s journey, which commenced over a decade ago, has culminated in its current position as a comprehensive and leading medical center in Turkey’s healthcare landscape. A distinguished team of skilled and experienced doctors, boasting the highest certifications in medical surgery and general medicine, stands alongside, ensuring exceptional care.

Situated on the European side of Istanbul and Antalya, the clinics offer a convenient destination for patients worldwide. Providing medical examinations and treatments, the facilities offer a comforting haven where patients can access a comprehensive range of medical and surgical specialties under one roof. This streamlined approach eliminates the need to search for multiple hospitals or clinics, saving patients precious time and effort. Cayra Clinic remains up to date with the latest advancements in healthcare, ensuring that services align with the highest international standards.

Why Choose Cayra Clinic?

Turkey holds an esteemed position among countries renowned for medical tourism, owing to substantial investments made by public and private hospitals. With digital transformation and the emergence of numerous medical facilities, Cayra Clinic Turkey has become the preferred choice for patients seeking treatment. Here are the reasons why patients opt for the clinic:

  • Affordable treatment costs without compromising quality.
  • Easy access to Turkey for treatment (many nationalities do not require a visa!).
  • Exceptional quality offered by Turkish medical centers.
  • The sterling reputation of doctors at Cayra Clinic in Turkey.