Crown Clinic

Crown Clinic

The profound psychological effects of hair loss on your life are deeply understood. The hair restoration treatments go beyond providing a naturally growing full head of hair; they aim to restore self-esteem and confidence.

Through personalized and highly effective treatments, the most ideal conditions are created for successfully addressing hair loss issues. The approach encompasses advanced procedures, state-of-the-art equipment, a skilled surgeon, and professional service.

At Crown Clinic, the focus is not only on safe and successful treatments but also on upholding world-class service standards. The aim is to ensure that your time spent with us is comfortable, convenient, and effective.

Why Choose Crown Clinic

  • Over 20 Years of Expertise: Specializing in various aspects of hair loss and restoration since 1999, Crown Clinic has established itself as a leading hair loss clinic in Sydney, Campbelltown, and Melbourne.
  • Unique Treatments and Products: Exclusive hair treatments and products are available at Crown Clinic, setting it apart from other clinics. The exceptional results achieved by highly qualified surgeons are evident in our success stories.
  • Personalized Approach: Each individual receives a customized treatment program tailored to maximize hair growth. Personalized recommendations for hair growth supporting products that enhance the treatment results are provided.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Crown Clinic offers flexible payment plans, eliminating the need for large upfront fees. Payments can be made in installments without any additional charges, providing freedom and financial ease.
  • Complimentary Hair Health Check: Crown Clinic offers a complimentary, no-obligation consultation to assess your hair restoration options. During this session, your medical history will be reviewed, hair loss will be evaluated, and any concerns or expectations will be addressed.
  • Attractive Pricing: Instead of risking travel abroad, opt for the advanced hair transplant method offered at Crown Clinic for just $5990, which includes 4000 hairs. Easy payment plans starting from as little as $20 per week are available in partnership with TLC (Total Lifestyle Credit).

The Team at Crown Clinic

Dr. Tony Prochazka MBBS, FFMACCS

With over two decades of experience, Dr. Tony Prochazka is a highly respected hair transplant and cosmetic surgeon specializing in FUE. Leading the skilled surgical team, Dr. Prochazka and colleagues have collectively performed over 10,000 FUE and FUT procedures.

Dr. Tony served as the Inaugural Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery and was a former vice-president of the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia. He is a frequent presenter and educator at international conferences, having been invited to meetings in Australia, China, New Zealand, and South America.

In addition to Hair Transplantation, Dr. Tony also leads the cosmetic surgery services at the International Centre for Cosmetic Medicine (ICCM), offering a complete range of cosmetic procedures, including Gynecomastia, Liposculpture, Neck & Brow Lifts, Fat Transfer, and Blepharoplasty.

Emily Meredith

Emily, the Senior Dermal Therapist and Phlebotomist, specializes in FUE Hair Transplantation and successful Growth Factor therapy treatments. With a background in nursing and skincare, Emily is dedicated to delivering excellent results for clients.

With a caring nature and a continuous drive for improvement, Emily’s extensive knowledge of treatments and products translates into a remarkable in-clinic experience for clients.